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Published: 11th September 2009
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You hear some folks say kindergarten is a waste of your time, while others have the opposite viewpoint. Even at my age I can remember kindergarten rather. It seemed to consist of principally getting read to, coloring with crayons or painting and taking a snooze on the floor. Not too exciting huh? And not terribly tutorial either. I suspect one of main goals of kindergarten in the general public school system is to educate youngsters to obey. Stand in lines, be quiet, do as you are told, raise your hand to raise a question and come back each day at the same time.

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That is, teach them how to learn before the teaching basically begins. Maybe I am not clear enough yet.

We could milk that and pre-teach reading, spelling, math and penmanship.

This type of schooling doesn't have to have set hours. It can just fit into a standard day. As an example, begin chatting to your youngsters ; a lot. Talk to them like a grownup so they'll begin to lay a foundation in their minds of how words work, are phrased and put together to mean things. Get them curious about what you are doing at the time and tell them why you are doing it. Keep them in the kitchen when you are cooking and say why you do things the way you do. Do this at least 30 mins a day and soon they'll be repeating some of the same words and asking tons of questions.
Reading. Start reading to them at an early age. Give them an old book to call their own, even though they may not read yet. Start with picture books explaining what all of the pictures mean as you read. Move on to longer books without footage and stop often and ask them questions about what you just read. It'll make them curious to stay concentrated on the story.
Repetition builds literacy, even if it drives you crazy! Record your reading on tape if it actually starts to get to you and they can replay them as many times as they need. You are attempting to get them to love books and reading. All we do here is buy some alphabet blocks and with the alphabet song, learn the alphabet. Then after they learn, you may be chatting with them in the kitchen for example and tell them,' I know you can not read yet, but would you please go to the pantry and get me the can with the word on that starts with a C. That is's corn'. They'll pleasure in this game.
Writing. We'll try and accomplish just two things. Teach them the easiest way to hold the standard pencil and do writing exercises. The exercises are counter-clockwise circles. Why? Because most loops made in cursive writing are made counter-clockwise, which is difficult for most young people to learn. If you start imprinting that in their brain before they learn to write, they'll have a way easier time of it. Just have them draw counter-clockwise coils of circles like a constant slinky toy or swirls of smoke from a chimney or locomotive. Before long they'll have it down cold.

Math. Little brains at this age need physical objects to learn how to count. Their brains are not matured enough yet to do it well another way. Just get some beans or other tiny objects and practice adding and taking away by adding or taking away objects while you say aloud what you are doing.
Without requiring anything additional but the time to do it, you can create your own kindergarten homeschool and be successful.

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